Some of the latest european semi-trucks

The Van Doorne’s Aanhangwagen Fabriek, shortly known as DAF it’s a dutch company that is producing trucks. In the year of 1997 they began manufacturing the XF series of semi-trucks and in 2021 the latest generation of XF comes along with larger cabin versions named as XG and XG+ turning into a great trio of trucks. Here we see the new specifications, innovations, customization options, interior details and more.

From left to right: XG+,XG and XF

How DAF decided to create a bigger cabin? Well it’s simple. The european regulations about masses and dimensions had been updated in september 2020 meaning the truck manufacturers can make longer vehicles with better aerodynamics and streamlines. DAF engineers had taken this advantage and developed the new XF cabin, following the new XG and XG+. In comparison, the XG is longer than XF by 160mm at the front and 330mm at the back and the XG+ offers a 200mm higher roof. This doesn’t mean only a bigger space for the driver around the cabin. At the exterior, by improving aerodynamics, helps the fuel efficiency of the truck. Thanks to this, the new DAF models have a fuel efficiency by 10%. To obtain this, the exterior cabins have: an elongated cab front, a bigger and curved windscreen improving also the visibility and safety, aero bottom plate for a reduced underflow turbulence, closed wheel bay covers with curved mud guards, the air fenders of course and the cabin design that is narrower at the front and wider at the back. The mirrors are also aerodynamic but customers can choose between the traditional mirrors and the new camera monitoring system.

The interior it’s big and designed for the best enviroment and comfort of the driver. The following details are: the retractable table, lots of storage space, a drawer, a refrigerator, the bunk that is 222cm long, rear wall panel that can adjust the climate, windows, roof hatch, sound system and a surveillance mode ,adjustable swivel seats and an adjustable steering wheel with function buttons incorporated in it. The dashboard it’s unparallel and contains a 12 inch full digital panel and a touch screen infotainment system. Customers can choose from three colour schemes, combining dark and warm tones. For more safety measurements, DAF offers an extra side passanger door window as optional for more visibility.

The new lineup it’s provided with a large amount of chassis configurations with any lenght for both rigid trucks, and semi-trucks as well. This also mean the drivetrain it’s variable with different tractions like 4X2, 6X2, 6X4, 8X2, and 8X4. As for the engine, there’s two variants to choose: PACCAR MX-11 and PACCAR MX 13. These Euro 6 engines develops 530HP (390kw), 2.550 Nm torque for each gear and 2.700 Nm for the top gear. The new engines deliver from 50 to 100 Nm more torque than the previous engines. Engine brake it’s also having 20% more braking power. The equipped turbocharger provides further downspeeding with maximum torque by only 900 rpm. In addition to the PACCAR engines, the TraXon automatic transmissions are attached to them.


The dutch trucks are equipped with many electronic features and systems both known and unknown for safety and comfort: LED lights, predictive cruise control, DAF digital vision system, DAF corner view, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, AEBS (Advanced Emergency Braking System), lane departure warning system, tyre pressure monitoring system, programmed cab displacement or PROCADIS and low speed trailer brake.