Welcome Back to the 1960s: New Ford Bronco Heritage Edition

Welcome Back to the 1960s: New Ford Bronco Heritage Edition

Ford’s Bronco has been around for a while. It launched in 1966 as a 2-door wagon or a convertible and its generations have spanned 56 years, with intermittent sales periods.

So, when the U725 generation was launched in 2021, after a 25-year hiatus, the cult following returned. Even those who have never followed the Bronco, or any 4×4 in general, have bought one purely out of curiosity.

This U725 Bronco recalls the styling elements of the original and is available in 2-door, 4-door, hard-top, or convertible. It’s even available as a Ford Escape-based crossover, the Bronco Sport, which adds cooler styling and better off-road ability.

Ford Bronco Heritage Limited Edition finished in Yellowstone Metallic.

This week, Ford unveiled the Bronco and Bronco Sport Heritage Editions. This special edition adds more retro styling cues. So, if you purchase a full-size Bronco, the Heritage Edition adds two-tone paint with an Oxford White roof, grille (adorned with Race Red FORD lettering), and wheels, along with a choice of five blast-to-the-past colour options. It also brings the standard 2.3-litre four-cylinder EcoBoost engine and the off-road-ready Sasquatch Package. The Oxford White continues on the inside, where the instrument panel is painted the same colour.

If you elect to buy a Bronco Sport Heritage Edition instead, you receive similar visual cues and the 1.5-litre turbo 3 pot, standard in the Bronco Sport. Both the Bronco and Bronco Sport also receive a Heritage Limited Edition. Choose this in the Bronco and it nets you the more powerful 2.7-litre V6, metal Bronco badging, and black 17-inch rims. Elect for this in the Bronco Sport, you get the bigger 2.0-litre I4, the same Bronco badging, and leather seats.

Ford Bronco Sport Heritage Edition finished in Robin’s Egg Blue.

If you ever needed a nostalgia hit and want to own one of these, you’ll need to do 2 things: 1. Live in North America, the only place where these are sold commercially, and 2. Shell out USD$44,000 for the Bronco ($66,895 for the Heritage Limited Edition), or $34,245 for the Bronco Sport (reaching nearly $45,000 for the Heritage Limited Edition). If you want a Heritage Limited Edition, you’ll also need to be quick; only 1,966 (see the reference?) Heritage Limited Editions will be available for each model.